Abby, Laurilla, and Mary Ann

I am currently working on a book about my Hickok ancestors: Abby, Laurilla, and Mary Ann; The Heritage and Legacy of the Daughters of Two Hannah Hickoks, 1635–1906.

September 2016 Update

I continue to work on my Hickok ancestors’ book. The last month or so I have researched some of the political, economical, and religious reasons people left England in the 1630s.

I recently purchased Pioneer Settlers of Troy Grove, Illinois (Hickok, Andrews, and others) by Edith Andrews Harmon, originally published in 1973.

I believe that Edith was a grand niece of “Wild Bill Hickok.” Wild Bill and my Hickok ancestors descended from Joseph and Mary Carpenter Hickok. Joseph was the younger son of William and Elizabeth Hitchcock.

Pioneer Settlers has some very helpful, well-researched information. A discussion of possible ancestors of William Hitchcock who sailed from London in 1635 on the Plain Joan was helpful. Though there is no conclusive document as to William’s ancestors.

April 10, 2016

I am looking for family stories from the 1700s or even 1600s from descendants of the following people who lived in Southbury (first Woodbury), Connecticut:

Ebenezer Hinman and Elizabeth Pierce

John Pierce and Comfort Jenner

Joseph Hinman and Esther Downs

Samuel Jenner and Hannah Hinman

John Pierce and Ann Huthwitt

Captain Titus Hinman and Hannah Coe

Samuel Munn and Abigail Stiles

Benjamin Hicock and Hannah Skeel

Solomon Johnson and Mary Hickok

Solomon Johnson and Hannah Noble

Titus Hinman Jr. and Sarah Noble

Andrew Hinman and Mary Noble

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