Abby, Laurilla, and Mary Ann Awarded First Prize


I am excited to announce that Abby, Laurilla, and Mary Ann: The Heritage and Legacy of the Daughters of Two Hannah Hickoks, 1635-1906, was awarded First Prize (Genealogy/Family History) in the 2022 Literary Awards Contest of The Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc.

Much of the story of Halfway Brook Village (now Eldred), Lumberland (now Town of Highland), New York, is incorporated in Abby, Laurilla, and Mary Ann. New readers will be introduced to, “The beautiful little hamlet of Eldred” with its “magnificent scenery of valleys, hills, mountains, streams, forests and lakes…”—A Century of Church Life, The Tri-States Union, August 17, 1899.

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  1. Matt Schroedel says:

    Congratulations, Louise!!

    LES: Thank you so much Matt!

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