Book Corrections

The Mill on Halfway Brook
page 10/11: Wilmot Clark arrived in 1815, not 1805.

page 15: Esther was 20 when she married Asa Hickok.

page 18: 3rd column, 1st paragraph, last sentence should be: “are reproduced in Book Three.”

page 23 sidebar: George W.T. Taylor was the half brother of Elizabeth Lazerlier Van Pelt; not the step brother.

page 46: first column, next to last paragraph—Abraham Mulford was a half brother to Mary Ann Eldred Austin; not a stope brother.

page 47: last column, first paragraph should be 1839, not 1939.

page 165: the photo is of the Barryville Cemetery; not Eldred Cemetery.

page 237: On the back of the first two photos on the bottom, Great-Aunt Charlotte had written “relatives on mother’s side.” So the ladies could have been on Martin’s side or the VanPelt’s side since Maria Myers was the daughter of both Martin and Jane.

Echo Hill and Mountain Grove
page 12: middle column should be: Pond Eddy, Pennsylvania was earlier known as Flagstaff.

In the collection of Minisink Valley Historical Society is an image with the quote: “Here Folks are waiting for the train at the Erie Station in Pond Eddy, c. 1890. This southern Shohola village was once called ‘Flagstone,’ the center of the area’s prosperous bluestone industry.”

Farewell to Eldred
page 287 Viola Webber should be Virginia Webber.

page 332 In the 1945 Seniors sidebar, Rita Cantwell was a teacher, not a student. She had graduated some years before.

page 386 Charles and Martha Draxler’s 50th wedding anniversary photo was contributed by Martha Eldred Worzel.

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