6 Responses to Frank Heinzl’s Tallwood Lodge

  1. ken carroll says:

    Was like yesterday…here I am at 73 yrs old and I remember working there as a teenager during the summer and also the fall…believe daughter’s name was Lillian…I did it all…dishwasher, lawns, made beds, golf course, etc…I have a post card, clear as a bell…Mr. Hainzl was a tough old bird, for sure.

  2. Robert Kieffer says:

    The rehab is gone and the buildings have been razed. I believe the pool has been filled in. The bridge across the halfway creek remains.

  3. Dominic Coppola says:

    I remember Tallwood Lodge because I worked there one summer as a teenager.

    I believe it was the summer of 1980? I worked for the Dr. Nick Leone family, they were wonderful. The summertime Indian Pow Wow held up the hill across the street were great for business. I bussed tables in the restaurant, general cleaning chores, maintained the huge swimming pool. They had families that came up every weekend. It was a great summer experience, I wish I could thank the Leone family personally for the opportunity. I’d love to visit with my children some time.

  4. I remember Tallwood Lodge very well as I lived there for a few years in the late 70’s as an early teenager. I remember the huge crowds that would come up for the annual Indian Pow Wow’s which was practically across the street. Great memories of my childhood growing up.

  5. Yes, also remember the Tallwood Lodge passing it going from Barryville to Eldred many times. Think it is now a rehab facility.

  6. Mary A. says:

    Yes, I remember it well. We saw it everytime we went from Barryvile where we lived, to Eldred where my Dad had the Methodist Church services.

    Also we went there for groceries sometimes and of course I went to high school there in Eldred, and saw it passing by on the way to Eldred.

    The trees were very tall and stately and very nicely shaped. It was located across a little brook, so we could see it in the distance.

    I heard that someone wanted to get one of their trees for a Christmas tree for NYC, but they wouldn’t give one of them up.

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