Pond Eddy Bridge

The 1871 Pond Eddy Suspension Bridge across the Delaware River. Photo courtesy of Minisink Valley Historical Society.

East of Parkers Glen, the next hamlets on the way to Port Jervis were Pond Eddy (later Flagstaff), Pennsylvania, and Pond Eddy, New York. Pond Eddy’s suspension bridge, built in 1871 was near Lock 63. On the Pennsylvania side was an Erie Railway station.—Echo Hill and Mountain Grove, p. 12.

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2 Responses to Pond Eddy Bridge

  1. Kaitlyn Malzahn says:

    The house in this picture (the white one with the porch) still exists today, but it was moved up the Hollow Road at some point.

    How do I know this? Well, that’s the same house I’ve lived in for my entire life.

  2. Peter Catri says:

    I came across this picture and it fascinates me.

    I’ve had profound interest in the present bridge that’s being replaced for over 45 years for I used to play on it a lot as a young boy.

    But when I saw what used to be there before the current on I found myself staring at the picture and caught myself in a mental state of mind of almost sensing of myself being there cause I know the area so will.

    Fantastic picture.

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