Eldred Sawmill

Holloway Sawmill, Eldred, NY Postcard.
Holloway Sawmill, Eldred, NY Postcard.

Before I started researching and writing my Halfway Brook books, I ran across a site that posted postcards from the Eldred area, which included Mountain Grove, my Austin grandparents’ boarding home (where my father grew up).

Dad was living there, but got out safely, when the house burned down in 1935.

When I began writing and researching what became The Mill on Halfway Brook, I received permission to use the postcards in my books, from the owner of the site. My understanding is that the wonderful selection of postcards was later given to the Town of Highland.

I plan to post some of the postcards, some of which were not in any of my books. If they were in my books, they were black and white, unless, like the sawmill above, they were on the cover.

I find it interesting that the postcard above says Holloway Sawmill. I wonder if Holloway is a misprint of Halfway?

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