1866–7 Halfway Brook Village and Barryville Schools

One-room Barryville Schoolhouse built in 1867.
One-room Barryville Schoolhouse built in 1867.

Barryville Schoolhouse, year unknown.
Barryville Schoolhouse, year unknown.

1866 Halfway Brook Village School
On July 29, 1866 Tina Austin, in New York City wrote her cousin in the Village (Halfway Brook/Eldred).

Dear Cousin Emma, So you are going to School in the village? Do you like it as well as you did going here?

1867 Barryville Schoolhouse
In 1867 a one-roomed schoolhouse was built in Barryville. Behind the schoolhouse were falls known at one time as Fish Cabin Falls. Grades one through eight were taught there from 1867 until 1949. My mother attended school there in the mid-1930s. The building is still in use, but not as a school.
The Mill on Halfway Brook, pp. 136 and 137.

Note: My great-aunt Aida Austin saved a number of color postcards and the Barryville Schoolhouse is one of my many favorites.

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