1886, Threatening his Rescuers

    George Layman, proprietor of a large Summer boarding house at Barryville, Sullivan County, tied a rope around his neck, to which was attached a large stone, on Wednesday, and then waded out into the Delaware River to drown himself. His movements were observed, and he was dragged ashore.

    This greatly incensed Layman, and seizing a large stone, he threatened to kill anyone who interfered with him. His menaces were so alarming that the crowd fell back, and he then plunged into the river again. Finally, the man was rescued and taken home. Layman has been acting irrationally of late, and is believed to be insane. He has no business or domestic troubles so far as ascertained.—The New York Times, June 4, 1886.

Later it would be learned that Mr. Layman suffered many years from Bright’s disease. Perhaps Mr. Layman was experiencing severe pain in the event reported in the June 1886 news article.

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