Echo Hill and Mountain Grove Chapters

Slow but steady progress is being made on Echo Hill and Mountain Grove. But it could be up to six or more weeks until it will be printed. The cover is done and I will post it soon. Here are the chapters.

Chapter 1: Lumber and Bluestone
The Town of Highland, New York, 1880

Chapter 2: Dear Diary
Aida Austin’s 1881 Diary

Chapter 3: Picturesque Highlands
Boarding Houses of Highland, 1880s

Chapter 4: Paths Diverge
The Austins of Highland, 1883–1889

Chapter 5: Sublime Scenery
Highland Boarding Houses, 1890s

Chapter 6: An Old Bachelor
The Austins of Highland, 1890–1899

Chapter 7: Turn of the Century

Chapter 8: Homestead Cottage
Mort and Jennie L. Austin, 1906–1910

Chapter 9: Echo Hill Farm House

Chapter 10: Dear Soldier Boy
World War I: April 1917–to May 1918

Chapter 11: Another Soldier Boy
World War I: May 1918 to the end of the year

Chapter 12: Mountain Grove
The Austin Family, 1919–1920

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