Echo Hill and Mountain Grove!

Halfway Brook Publishing presents: 
Echo Hill and Mountain Grove!

Echo Hill and Mountain Grove continues the story started in The Mill on Halfway Brook, in the Town of Highland, Sullivan County, New York. It is the second in the series, Memoirs from Eldred, New York, 1800–1950.

The narrative is an account of the change from lumbering, rafting, and bluestone quarrying, to that of running boarding houses in the picturesque hamlets of Barryville, Minisink Ford, Yulan, Eldred, and Venoge (Highland Lake) located near the Delaware River. 

Echo Hill and Mountain Grove tells the history of the Town of Highland and its townsfolk (Austin, Leavenworth, Eldred, Myers, Bodine, Bradley, Bosch, Clark, Gardner, Hallock, Mills, Boyd, Horton, Parker, Greig, Stege, Sergeant, Tether, and others), many of whom owned boarding houses. 

It includes visits to Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New York City, and France. Details on the Shohola Depot, Shohola Glen, Shohola House, the Pelton Soda Factory, the Roebling Bridge, the Congregational Church Centennial, Zane Grey, two presidential assassinations, and World War I, are a part of the story. 

Echo Hill and Mountain Grove is 2.5 pounds, over an inch thick, and 512 pages packed full of stories from 1880 to 1920 in the Town of Highland, NY.

Click on Look Inside under Echo Hill and Mountain Grove on the right hand side to see a few pages of chapter 3 and the 20 page index. It takes a half minute or more to load.

Echo Hill and Mountain Grove is available for $39.95 (which includes USPS shipping).

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