Barryville-Shohola Bridge

Spring House (left); Barryville-Shohola Suspension Bridge (right), courtesy of Kevin M.

The Spring House on the left was owned by George Layman in 1900.

    During the last preceding summer and fall [1900], Stephen St. John Gardner renovated the structure [bridge] generally, added additional cables; laid a new floor, supplied new stringers, erected a new and improved railing and the bridge is now a safe passageway and a good source of income…

    [Nearby] is the beautiful and valuable house buildings and premises of George Layman.

    Mr. Layman has enlarged the house, improved and beautified the grounds and now presents a premises that, for its location and attractiveness, may vie with any in the land.

    He employs it for summer boarding and entertainment of travelers and the comfortable entertainment and moderate charges combined, insures a general custom to his place.—Johnston, J.W., Reminiscencespp. 351–3.

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