Town of Highland Postmasters

Barryville Postmasters
James A. Ozenbaugh 08/24/1885
Menzo Quick 09/12/1889
James A. Ozenbaugh 11/24/1893
Menzo Quick Postmaster 04/23/1897

Eldred Postmasters
Robert Kelso 12/23/1885
Abel S. Myers 5/01/1889
Moses B. Eaton 11/24/1893
Isaac M. Bradley 1/18/1896
Charles W. Wilson 8/27/1897

Yulan Postmasters
The first Postmaster: John Metzger Sr.
James A. Ozenbaugh 8/24/1885
Menzo Quick 9/12/1889
James A. Ozenbaugh 11/24/1893
Menzo Quick 4/23/1897

Venoge Postmasters
James Boyd 6/18/1897
Venoge became Highland Lake on 12/4/1911.

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