Book 2: Echo Hill and Mountain Grove, November 18, 2009

Book 1, The Mill on Halfway Brook, starts off in the town of Lumberland, the main occupation of the people there relating to lumber.

Before 1880, when Book 2 starts, the work base has shifted to work on the canal, railroad, bluestone quarries and running boarding homes, though there are still some sawmills in the area.

The boarding homes will be a main feature of book 2 as my Leavenworth great grandparents ran Echo Hill Farm House and later my Austin relatives had a boarding home called, Mountain Grove.

Hence the name of Book 2: Echo Hill and Mountain Grove. It will cover years 1880 to 1935.

There were many other boarding homes in the area, many of which seem to be much larger than the Leavenworth and Austin homes. I am planning on including these homes also.

I have photos/postcards of some of the homes, thanks to my mom, Cousin C., Mrs. M., and Mr. & Mrs. R. But I can use more, and don’t have all of the homes.

If you have information, interesting stories, memorabilia, or postcards on any of these homes, that you would like to share, please contact me at this site, or email me: weezy at or weezy at

Does anyone know when Abel Sprague Myers’s boarding home (I think called Orchard Terrace), which became a school, was built, and if he built it?

Also, does anyone know anything about Gallaghers on the 1870 Beer Map.

Thank you.

Ever Your Cousin,

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