Thanksgiving, 1881 (New York City and Kansas)

N.Y.C., Wed., Nov. 23, 1881
Very cold a little snow this morning but it soon turned to rain and is rainy yet tonight.

N.Y.C., Thursday, Nov. 24, 1881
Thanksgiving Day. All home to dinner. Mort, Mary, Uncle Gussy, Aunt Maria here this evening. And Harry, Mr. Clinton and I have been playing checkers. Very cold.

The above was from Aida Austin’s 1881 Diary.

Sutherland, Abilene, Kans., to A. Austin, Cuffey’s Cove, Calif.
November 24, 1881

Friend Lon,
Today is Thanksgiving. The stores have closed from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. I am now working for Sterl and Zahner of this city. Have been here a week or ten days.

There is going to be a Grand Ball here in Abilene tonight. I am staying at present at Mr. Merchant’s Hotel here. I would like to go to the Pacific Coast next spring and hope to hear from you occasionally between now and then.

I am not making as much money here as in Solomon, but I had a racket with Arthur and would rather work for less here, but if I stay, I will try and get a raise. I have to put in long hours here, about 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

The weather has been very nice for this time of year. Have hardly any snow or ice yet. The boys in Solomon are getting along in the same old way. Henry Whitley has built a nice bridge over the “race” for to cross his carriage or wagon.

If I would come out to California or Oregon, do you think I would have much trouble in finding work at good or fair pay? I would like to strike a good position in a bank.

Write soon.
From your friend,
Wm. G. Sutherland

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