Old Roebling Bridge Photos

Roebling Bridge. Library of Congress: HAER PA,52 LACK,1-9.
One of the supports for the Roebling Bridge. Photo: Library of Congress: HAER PA, 52 LACK,1-6.
Roebling Bridge. Library of Congress: HAER PA, 52, LACK,1-8.
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3 Responses to Old Roebling Bridge Photos

  1. Denise says:

    I believe I have a photo of a Mrs. Nieke and my parents and grandparents spoke of Ms. Miller.

  2. Rolf Beckhusen says:

    Thank you so much for finding these wonderful photos.

    The photos labeled ‘Lack 1-9’ and 1-8 show how I remeber the bridge in the 50s and possibly the early 60s.

    I remember two toll takers from that time; ‘Grandma’ Nieke who may have lived in the toll house and a Ms. Miller who at one time lived on the NY hillside overlooking the bridge.

    Again, thank you for your efforts.

    You are very welcome Rolf. The Roebling Aqueduct/Bridge is quite fascinating to me and I love these old photos. I have seen an old photo showing the Bridge when it was an aqueduct. But I am not sure where that photos is. If I find it, I will of course post it.—Louise.

  3. Rolf Beckhusen says:

    Do you know what year these photos were taken?

    Hello Rolf. I just checked the info on the photos, but could not find a date. Since the photos show a bridge and not an aqueduct, I assume it was after 1898 when the last boat moved over the aqueduct.

    I found some that are not on my site and will upload those on a new post. Louise

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