Congregational and Methodist Churches

In 1799, Isaac Sergeant helped organize the Narrows Falls Congregational Church, which eventually became the Congregational Church of Eldred. In the early years, the church met in log cabins, barns and sawmills.

From 1816 Stephen Sergeant, son of Isaac and Mary Sergeant, held revival services in the barn of Asa Hickok. In 1818, Stephen was asked to be the pastor of the Lumberland (former Narrows Falls) Congregational Church.

Stephen and his wife, Anna Penney had five sons in 1818. The descendants of their son Ethel are part of this story, and some grew up or still live in the town of Eldred. In 1826, Stephen Sergeant left the Congregational Church for a Presbyterian Church.

The Congregational Church of Lumberland was still struggling without a preacher in 1830, when, circuit riding preachers from the Methodist Episcopal Church, traveling mostly on foot or horseback, began teaching in areas and villages on both sides of the Delaware River.

Mr. Grace and Mr. Street, came every two weeks to the town of Lumberland, preaching in homes or public places. Services were conducted every night and visitations made during the day time.

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