An Eldred Christmas, 1905

Jennie Crawford, Eldred, N.Y., to Lillie Austin, Bethel, N.Y.
December 25, 1905
Dear Lillie,
Let me tell you of my Xmas presents. Mrs. Maier gave me a summer shirt; George, a pound of Sparrow’s chocolates and more small boxes; Mom a pair of mittens and 2 pairs slacks; Edna, a bunch of artificial leaves; Dad, a cake plate and some candy; Uncle Joel, a bag of nuts; Aunt Maude a stocking bag, a hat pin, and a collar; Lillie either a clock or a cream set, but I don’t know which was for Xmas.

I had a very nice Xmas, only Lillie Austin wasn’t here. Darn her. I was home all day. George came up; he went home at 8 p.m. It is 20 past now.

Tomorrow we have to wash a three weeks washing. I just dread it. George and I, also his Aunt Phebe went to the Congregational Xmas tree.

What did you have for Xmas dinner? We had chicken, jelly, mashed potatoes, tomatoes, Hydeen salad, mince pie, raisin cake and cocoa nut cake, coffee. Wasn’t that wonderful?

Come out! Well I will close.

Jennie Crawford

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