1937 Lon Austin’s Card to his brother

Lon Austin's 1937 Christmas Card to his brother Ell.
Inside Lon's card to Ell Austin.

With the card was the following letter from Lon Austin (80) to his brother Ell Austin (82), which mentions their sister Aida Austin (76).

There had been some strong family friction with Ell Austin over the Austin property, though it is still unclear what the situation was.

This letter, a number of letters between Ell and my grandfather Mort, and the next letter I post (from Aida to Ell) indicate that things had resolved when the siblings were older.

Lon’s letter

Eldred, N.Y.
December 26, 1937

Dear Brother (Ell Austin),
I am stopping with Mr. Carner for a while and I forgot your address, consequently my Christmas Greeting is a little late, but they say “better late than never.”

The weather is fine. Aida and I are well, that is as well as can be expected for one of our tender years.

The M.E. Church had their Xmas tree Thursday night, had a large attendance and a general good time.

Hope you are well as I wish you a Happy New Year.

With love,

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  1. Melva Barney says:

    I did so enjoy scrolling thru these cards in a leisurely fashion & remembering these dear, dear people & the times.

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