Mountain Grove House

Mountain Grove House owned by the Austin family.

C.S. Bok, Hackettstown, N.J., to Mort Austin, Eldred
June 11, 1894
My dear Friend,

Enclosed kindly find eight of your pictures and I kept the other four and did with them accordingly what you told me. I have also seen Dr. Whitney about your bill, but he told me that he will not charge anything this time.

Hoping you will keep well and be successful in your business. Kindly remember me to your partner.

I am your friend,
C.S. Bok
30 East 7th St., N.Y.

Perhaps Mort’s business referred to by his friend C.S. Bok, was the Mountain Grove House, which seems to have been completed by 1893. An ad for the house appeared in the summer 1894 newspaper, with the contact name, C.M. Austin & Co.

Mountain Grove House Ad
New house; cool rooms; good board; elevation 1,400 feet; fishing and boating. For particulars apply to C.M. Austin & Co., Eldred, N.Y.—Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 4, 1894.

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