Eldredville Post Office 1838

I recently received an 1838 map of Sullivan County, New York, which I have found fascinating.

In 1838 the Town of Lumberland included what are now the Towns of Tusten, Highland, and Lumberland.

Eldredville, located where the current village of Eldred is, seems to be the only post office in all of Lumberland. This is quite interesting because I thought that before being called Eldred, the location was called Halfway Brook Village.

I have seen letters addressed to Halfway Brook or just Lumberland, but 1845 was the earliest one.

Eldredville P.O. is located where James and Polly Vandorsol Mulford first settled at the end of 1815. James Eldred (father of Charles C.P. Eldred) was the postmaster around 1830. A room of James’ home was the post office.

Also of interest to me were the many sawmills located along the rivers.

Halfway Brook—11
Ten Mill River’s 2 branches—17
Beaver Brook—9
Between the mouth of the Ten Mile River and Beaver Brook were several streams with a total of 10 sawmills
The stream from Long Pond (Beaver Pond)—6

The lakes shown are Long Pond (Beaver Pond), Hagan’s Pond (Highland Lake), Sand Pond, Round Pond, Mud Pond?, and York Lake. There is no Mill/Stege’s Pond or Washington, Bodine, or Montgomery Lakes.

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