Eldred, NY around 1910

1910 postcard looking east towards Eldred.

As I have time, I am archiving and organizing all the files, information, and photos on my computer, and ran across this postcard.

The first buildings across the road in the middle of the card are the Methodist church and their wagon shed.

On the right of the card, on Eldred’s NW corner is the building I think may have originally been owned by Charles Wilson.

On the NE corner was William H. Wilson’s store (later Dunlap’s Restaurant); then Straub’s Hotel, originally built and owned by James Y. Parker.

The house in the distance on the far right could be Mountain Grove, if the Austin Mountain Grove home had a red roof.

A short ways from the southeast corner was the Parker Hotel, the second one James Y. Parker built. It often housed the post office.

The road in the foreground continued northwest and went by the Leavenworth’s Echo Hill Farm House.

Does anyone have memories of Eldred Boarding Houses, Hotels, or stores from the 30s to the 50s?

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  1. Robert R Miller says:

    As a kid, my family and I would spend 2 weeks in Eldred, NY every year. We would stay in UNDER THE PINES (which is still there). In the center of the town there was a general store ‘pats’ which sold souvenirs, newspapers etc. Just south on Route 55 was an A&P on the right, and on the left was the Post Office.

    I always think of Eldred, Barryville in the summer. After 50 years a friend drove me up there. It’s not the same, but what is? We also stayed at Maple Grove Farm in Barryville. Not there anymore.

  2. On the site of what is now the IGA was a row of stores, one of which was owned by Andy and Marge Parker. They sold souvenirs and sundries.

    Where the park is now (on the corner of 55 and Eldred-Yulan Road) was another building which for a time in the late 50s housed the Neumeyer Bakery.

    Next to the Methodist Church, between that and the Sunshine Hall Library was Owens Department Store late (maybe 30s to 40s-50s).

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