Park Row Building, N.Y.C.

Park Row postcard courtesy of Mary A.

In 1908 a postcard of the Park Row building was sent to Mort and Jennie Austin from their friend Sylvester Dassori.

    New York City’s Park Row is located in the Financial District of the Manhattan borough.

    The building at 15 Park Row, was one of the first buildings to be called a skyscraper. At 391 feet high, the Park Row building was the tallest office building in the world from 1899 when it was completed, until 1908 when the Singer Building was built.

    William M. Ivins, lawyer and judge advocate general for New York State, was the builder. The skyscraper, first called Ivins Syndicate Building, had 26 full floors and two 3-story cupolas.

    The base of the building covered about 15,000 square feet. Some 3,900 Georgia spruce piles were driven into wet sand and topped by granite blocks for its foundation.

    The structure contains about 8,000 tons of steel and 12,000 tons of other materials, mainly brick and terra cotta.

    The $2,400,000 building had 950 separate offices for up to 4 people per office.—

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