Some folks in the 1900 Census

Today the 1940 census is available. I’m hopeful of downloading it within a few days. The site seems to be overloaded right now.

So in honor of the 1940 census, here are some folks who lived in the Town of Highland (or nearby) in 1900.

Joel F. Whitney was the preacher at the Congregational Church. His wife’s name was Louisa.

James Hulse, 79, lived with his son John Hulse, John’s wife Mary, and their children. Frederick Hulse, a stone cutter, and his wife Katherine had two children.

George Wait, a carpenter, and his wife Mary Mills had a son, Alexander. George Wait’s brother William Wait had a sawmill on the west side of Eldred. William’s wife was Carrie.

Abraham Rundle boarded with James D. and Frances Eldred. Walter and Maggie Dunlap had two sons, Charlie and George. George Davenport was a blacksmith.

Calvin S. LaBarr, a farmer in Beaver Brook, and his wife Elizabeth Rice had 5 children including Jacob Daniel who would marry Anna Hankins. Calvin S. LaBarr died in 1901.

John Twitchell, a farmer, and his wife Edith had two daughters. James Black helped out and they had a servant Anna Custer.

Sarah Maria Middaugh was the widow of Dennis Middaugh. Three of their children are part of this story: Stephen and Charlotte Middaugh Myers; Henrietta Middaugh was married to George LaBarr; and Chester Middaugh would marry Florence Hammond (who had immigrated from Wales). In 1900 Florence Hammond was a servant for Seele and Henrietta Crawford who had a young daughter, Anna.

Frank Ort, a shoemaker, and his wife Mary Crandall had 4 children: Frank, William, George, and Charlie. Mary Ort seems to be the midwife who would deliver the children of Garfield and Ella Sergeant Leavenworth.

Frank and Mary’s son William Ort, a teamster, would marry Bertha LaBarr. Their daughter Eleanor would marry a grandson of Almond and Mary Lilley who lived in Pennsylvania. Almond may have been distantly related to the Lilley (Lilly) family listed in Lumberland’s 1810 Census.

Alexander and Sarah Foster’s son George Foster would marry Jennie Hallock. Jacob and Emma Clouse had been married 16 years. He was a day laborer. Martha Atkins, 75, lived with her two sons. Anna Cobb, 68, was a widow.

John Weber was sawyer in a mill. He and his wife Kate had 4 children.

Chauncey Van Auken was a carpenter. His mother Sarah, 74, lived with him.

Theodore and Phoebe West and their adopted son Charles West, 7, lived at their West Farm House. John and Mary Wolf’s 4 children and his mother Catherine lived with them. William and Margaret Wolfe had a boarding house. They had 4 children.

Thomas, Sherman, Claudia, Emerson, and Ezra McBride were listed as children of Sherman (a sawyer) and Eliza McBride.

George James Clark (who we will meet again in WWI) lived with his siblings and parents, Martin Dominick and Mary Costello Clark in New York City, where he had been born. Mary’s father Alfred Costello photographed George around the turn of the century. Alfred had sold land to the Maiers on Crawford Road in 1875. Martin D. Clark died in September 1899.

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