Eldred Schoolchildren?

Schoolchildren. Photo courtesy of Mary A.

Post redo:
I originally thought these children were at the Barryville schoolhouse. My mom emailed me and then Charles Paulus commented that it did not look like the Barryville School house.

I found 2 old postcards of both schools and posted them at Barryville and Eldred Schools.

Does anyone know any of these children? This photo was in my mom’s collection.

I think my great aunt Aida Austin took the photo. Aida taught at the Barryville Schoolhouse at one time. So did my great aunt Charlotte Leavenworth. Aunt Charlotte taught many years at Eldred.

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  1. I am with your mother on this one. Soon as I saw picture I thought it must have been way way back. Front of school house has door in center and one window on each side. Outside is white stucco. I have not been in it since early 1940’s when our scout troop met there. Louis Schmazle Jr. was our scout master. The people of Barryville do make good use of the building. I can not remember if building has one or two rooms.

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