End of year 1899

Photo taken at the end of the year in 1899. The young ladies are unknown. Photo in the original collection of Lillie Austin Calkin, thanks to Dot H. and Kathy T.

This is one of my favorite photos in Echo Hill and Mountain Grove.

Book 3 Update:
I have organized a good portion of all my files (we’re talking LOTS! of info and photos) and have a start on collecting photos for Book 3 into one folder. Next will be collecting Book 3 information files into one place—after I get the 1940 Highland Census typed up (I’m half way through).

I am continuing to “meet” (through email) Town of Highland residents who are contributing more photos and information, which will be a great addition to the book.

I am looking forward to this weekend when I will have a chance to talk with Highland residents who live here in Arizona during the winter.

Slowly, Book 3 is starting to come together.

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