Mongaup Cemetery 2012

Mongaup Cemetery April 2012. Photo courtesy of Darlene H.

Updated information from Darlene H.
This cemetery is in Orange County. From Barryville take Route 97 towards Port Jervis. At Mongaup, County Road 31 intersects 97 at the left. Continue straight and go over the bridge. Immediately to the left is a parking lot.

The cemetery is DEC property now, and only accessed after April 1, I think.

There is a beautiful trail (you would have the river on your left) while walking. You will see the abutment where the old bridge use to be. Also quite a ways back you will come upon this little cemetery and also foundations from homes, etc.

Immediately just past that, there is a steeper grade which I climbed. This took you up to a higher level. In the clearing up there is supposed to be another cemetery.

If you keep going on that path, you would eventually come out by the power house at the dam.

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3 Responses to Mongaup Cemetery 2012

  1. Louise says:

    From Darlene in answer to Judy’s question:
    No that is not the same cemetery. Someplace I had a list of names in that cemetery. I know there were quite a few Knights. Some stones you could not read.

    The place is too deserted to go alone and there is no cell service; also rattlesnakes. It is full of them once it gets warm.

    The cemetery with names listed is the cemetery on Knight Road.

    Louise: I’ll update you with any new info Darlene sends.

  2. Louise says:

    Hi Judy,
    I am trying to find out if there is more than one Mongaup Cemetery.

    Here is a list of those in the Upper Mongaup Cemetery.

  3. Judy Gumaer Testa says:

    Can you publish a burial list? I grew up on County Route 31—never could get the old timers to take me to Mongaup.

    Now I am finding I had relatives in these hills. Surprise, surprise for the token “Italian Family” in Glen Spey (for many years anyway).

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