March 19, 2010: Book Two

First of all I would like to thank those of you who bought, The Mill on Halfway Brook. I hope you enjoy reading the book.

It’s been busy times and a steep learning curve with the publishing of The Mill on Halfway Brook. But last evening, everything seemed calm, so I started getting the photos I wanted for the next book into the correct file.

This involved using Photoshop. To my dismay, neither Photoshop, nor Indesign (my book layout program) worked. Once again, my tech help—husband Gary, is back troubleshooting and restoring my computer so I can work on my book.

My computer crashed twice during the writing of The Mill on Halfway Brook. You may be able to comprehend my panic and appreciation for the tech help I have, and why I wrote the following on my acknowledgment page:

This book would not have been possible without my husband Gary’s technical help, design expertise, and editing. He kept the computers working, designed the cover, interior layout, created maps, and retouched photos—all this while doing major, complete renovation of our house and coping with a wife who is always working on this book. Thank you, Gary.

Most of the inside of the house is done. Looks like Book Two will be written (I’m assuming my computer will be working soon) during the renovation of the outside.

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