Beware on your way to the Library

The Rusty Library, May 2012. Photo: L. Smith.
First Rattlesnake warning. Photo: L. Smith.
Rattlesnake Crossing at the library.
Where the rattlesnakes might be, unless they are basking on the walkway to the library. Photo: L. Smith.

It is a bit of a conundrum that I can collect research and write books in Cave Creek, AZ about a place 2500 miles east with “real” green trees (in the summer) and numerous blue streams and lakes. (We do have a blue, blue sky most of the year, though the palo verde shown here is about our greenest “tree.”)

I have recently been enjoying trips to the nearest library (affectionately called “the rusty library” because of the re-rod architectural theme) for research and books including some about WWII which will be included in my next book.

The last couple visits to the library, I have been especially cautious. I thought that perhaps Halfway Brook readers might enjoy photos of the warning signs.

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2 Responses to Beware on your way to the Library

  1. Louise says:

    I haven’t seen them at the library. But a couple weeks ago (before the yellow signs were put up) I heard a librarian telling a man that there had been a snake in the sitting area just outside the library.

  2. Mom-Mary Austin says:

    Have you seen these rattlers? Are they near where you walk?

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