Eldred early 1900s

Turn of the century photo of Eldred, NY, courtesy of Chuck M.

View of Eldred from the east in the early 1900s. A.S. Myers owned the Orchard Terrace boarding house on the far left behind the Congregational Church.

The house in the distance, past the Congregational Church, was originally owned by the Slonek family.

The house on the right, past the bridge, was C.C.P. Eldred’s.

    C.C.P. Eldred had the Post office in his home (located near Halfway Brook Village) starting around 1850—except when the political party was different.
    I have read that the Post Office wanted a shorter name than Halfway Brook. Depending on which story you choose, Charles C.P. Eldred named the village after his father James Eldred or himself.

The Methodist Church in about the middle of the photo, is still without a steeple.

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