The New East River Bridge

“This is our new East River Bridge, opened in 1905. Wish you could see the real bridge. Lovingly, Jessie F. Hill.” Postcard courtesy of Mary A.

Three suspension bridges were built across the lower East River in New York City to connect lower Manhattan with Brooklyn.

The above postcard to Mort and Jennie Austin is of the Williamsburg Bridge, the second one to be built after the Brooklyn Bridge.

Williamsburg was started in 1896, and opened December 19, 1903, according to one source, though Jessie Hill wrote it opened in 1905.

Manhattan Bridge, the third to be built, was opened to traffic in December 1909.The five ferry routes at the Brooklyn Landing between Grand Street and Broadway went out of business by 1908.

Jessie Hill wrote on the front of the postcard because before 1907, no written material could be on the address side of a postcard.—

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