Eldred, July 1942

Aida and Lon’s houses in the background. Photo courtesy of Mary A.

Here is an excerpt from the diary my great-aunt Aida Austin wrote in 1942, the year she turned 81. Aida and her brother Lon lived next door to each other on the old Austin homestead. The houses faced Proctor Road. Collins Road was the next side street. The three young folks are unknown.

Wednesday, July 1 Warm and showery all day.

Thursday, July 2 Edith Timmerhof sent me some papers this afternoon by two children. I didn’t know them.

Saturday, July 4 Mr. Briggs and his boy were up this morning and picked a mess of sweet peas.

Monday, July 6 I was to the PO and to the A&P this morning. We had a very hard shower this afternoon and strong wind.

Tuesday, July 7 I was just getting up this morning when Mr. Frint stopped by the lane and left some papers in the box.

Thursday, July 9 I was to the village this morning for bread.

Monday, July 13 I went to the PO in time to send a letter to Arthur [my dad, in the Army] in this morning’s mail.

Tuesday, July 14 I was to the A&P this morning. Met Mrs. Winter and walked with her as far as the McGee bungalo and came up across the fields. We met Mr. and Mrs. Geisler (the owners) and Mrs. Winter introduced me to Mrs. Geisler.

Wednesday, July 15 Mr. Briggs was up for some raspberries. I gave him Arthur’s address. It has been pleasant all day and I did some washing this morning.

Thursday, July 16 I was to the Village for bread this morning. Met Jennie Crandall. She said Ell [her brother] was expecting to be home this summer. He was home last week over the weekend.

Friday, July 17 Mr. Briggs and his boy over for raspberries this morning. Met a lady and her niece out by the lane who said she was boarding at Mrs. Sickles and that she used to board at Jennie’s [Austin].

Saturday, July 18 A thunder storm last night. It began about 10 o’clock and lasted several hours. Although it seems to be raining all the time. There was thunder and lightning. Sometimes the lightning was near and sometimes far away.

Tuesday, July 21 Lon to the Village this morning for bread. Mr. Frint left paper for me on his way to work this morning. I was sleeping when he went by, but he always blows the horn when he leaves them and that woke me up.

Wednesday, July 22 To the A&P this morning. Saw Elbert [Clark, her cousin]. Got sugar for canning.

Thursday, July 23 To the A&P again this morning for the rest of my groceries. A woman boarding at Mrs. Stickles was searching for antiques. Rode up with Mary [Bosch], Harriet, and Margie [Bosch].

Monday, July 27 Between 2 and 3 o’clock this morning, Alfred’s [Hill] cows were in the garden. I woke up and called Lon. We got them out of the garden. Then he got Alfred and Alfred came up and took them home.

Tuesday, July 28 To the A&P this morning. Sent Arthur a letter. Mr. Frint left me some papers this afternoon.

Wednesday, July 29 Washed today.

Friday July, 31 Showers every little while today. Mr. Briggs in Lon’s for a few minutes.

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2 Responses to Eldred, July 1942

  1. Alice M Aber says:

    Edith Parker, daughter of George Parker Sr. is on the left, Emily Payne Parker in the middle, and my grandmother Anna Smith Parker, wife of Warren Parker on the right. Edith was Warren’s sister.

    Thank you Alice!

  2. Jean Eckhart says:

    I remember an Austin (last name), but can’t recall his first name. He used to come to our farm in Shohola to visit my father Harold Eckhart. I think there was a family relationship, but I don’t know how they were related. Would you know?
    Jean Eckhart

    Hello Jean,
    There were two Austin families in the town of Highland. I still have not been able to ascertain if they are related.

    My great-uncle Lon Austin would have visited Shohola, I am sure. He died in 1948.

    My uncle Bill Austin was the only one living in Eldred after 1948. Uncle Bill died in 1979.

    Thank you for your comment.


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