Homestead Cottage

The Collins home became Homestead Cottage. Photo courtesy of Mary A.
Another view of Collins/Homestead Cottage. Photo courtesy of Mary A.

Mort and Jennie Austin bought the Collins’ place on 9 acres of land for $300 from Emma Kelso Collins, wife of Tom K. Collins, in April 1905. The former Collins’ home (which was on Collins Road) became Mort and Jennie’s boarding house, Homestead Cottage.

Homestead Cottage could accommodate 15 guests. It was a ten minute walk to Highland Lake. The Shohola Railway Station, where Mort met the guests, was 6 miles away. It was a mile to the Eldred Post Office.

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  1. Charles Butterbrodt says:

    I have a question.

    As a child I spent my summers at a hotel called the Delaware View. It later changed to Manor in Barryville, NY. I also spent my honeymoon there. Is it still in existence?

    It was owned by Emil Poole and his wife. I have pictures from those days but we now live in NC and are planing a trip north. Would like to revisit. Any info would be helpful. Thank you.

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