3 Responses to Who owned this house?

  1. Frank V Schwarz, Town of Lumberland Historian says:

    It is too small to be Ardmore and circular porch was not located on back side of the mansion.

    There was never a small barn in back of Ardmore but farther to the right.

    Furthermore the contour of the land is not the same as the original Ardmore photos and the estate never had split rail fences.

    —Thank you so much for your comment Frank. Do you have any idea the name of this mansion?—Louise

  2. Louise says:

    Thanks Judy! Any idea what year?

  3. judy gumaer testa says:

    Louise, this looks like Ardmore home of Francis Isaac & Rebecca Mackenzie Vanderbeeck. its been Verkhovyna Ukrainian Resort; presently MountainView Manor in Glen Spey. Rebecca was a daughter of George Ross Mackenzie, President of Singer Sewing Machine Company.

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