1910 Occupations

1908 Postcard of Moonlight on the Delaware, Barryville, N.Y. From the collection of Aida Austin, courtesy of Mary A.

One of several items I am working on (besides getting ready for a daughter’s wedding in October—hence the fewer posts) for book 3 are the jobs the Town of Highland residents held in the 1920s.

Echo Hill and Mountain Grove lists occupations from the 1910 Census.

They included: Butcher, operator, hotel owner, clerk, realtor, laborer, boarding house owner, stone mason, livery, general store, blacksmith, school teacher, soft drinks delivery man, merchant, painter, engineer, clerk, fireman, lumberman, farmer, worker at glass factory, bridge worker, artist, bookkeeper, dressmaker, fireman, cabinet maker, machinist on farm, retired, sawyer at mill, ice cream parlor worker, and housekeeper, which, as we all know, involves a number of skills.

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