WWII List Update

February 4, 1942 postcard from Art Austin at Camp Upton, to his uncle Lon Austin in Eldred.

The back of the postcard reads: Have been very lucky so far. Hope it continues. Expect to stay here about two more weeks. Art; Co.G,Camp Upton, N.Y.

Earlier I posted a list of folks who served in the Armed Forces in WWII. This is an updated list, many of whom I found listed at a WWII Memorial Site. I know that Kevin Marrinan contributed quite a bit of information for that site. Any corrections or additions are appreciated.

George Andersen, Highland Lake, U.S. Army
Arthur Lawrence Austin, U.S. Army
Robert Clinton Austin, Eldred, U.S. Army
Wallace R. Austin, Barryville, U.S. Army
William Sherman Austin, Eldred, U.S. Army
Ethel Barker, Eldred, U.S. Marine Corps
Emmet ‘Steve’ Barnes, Barryville, U.S. Army
Franklin L. Bartle, Eldred, U.S. Navy
Frank A. Bello, Barryville, U.S. Army
Clarence ‘Sailor’ Blaut, Barryville, U.S. Army
Paul Bodin, Yulan, U.S. Army
Henry Bosch, Highland Lake, U.S. Army
William ‘Bill’ Boyd, Highland lake, U.S. Merchant Marine
Clarence Bradley Barryville, U.S. Army
Mary Briggs, Barryville, Cadet Corps Nurse
Edward Brodmerkel, Highland Lake, U.S. Army
Alga D. Burgess, Barryville, U.S. Army
Charles W. Buser, Barryville, U.S. Army
Raymond A. Calkin Jr., Barryville, U.S. Navy
Walter Campbell Town of Highland, Army
John Charles Cantwell, Yulan, U.S. Navy
Anthony J. Carmeci Sr., Minisink Ford, U.S. Army
Orville Ernest Clark, Eldred, U.S. Army
Vernon Calvin Clark, Eldred, U.S. Navy
George Clouse, Highland Lake, U.S. Army
Herman Clouse, Highland Lake, U.S. Army
Joseph Irving Clouse, Barryville, U.S. Navy
Ralph Clouse, Army
Raymond L. Clouse, Barryville, U.S. Army
Theodore Clouse, Highland Lake, U.S. Army
Gordon M. Comstock, Barryville, U.S. Army Air Forces
Arthur ‘Boo’ Cordes, Barryville, U.S. Army
Clifford Crandall, Eldred, U.S. Army
Leonard Crandall, Yulan, U.S. Army
Barney Dankwardt, Highland Lake, U.S. Army
Fred William DeFeo, Eldred, U.S. Army
Thomas Russell Donaldson, Eldred, U.S. Coast Guard
Carl Dunlap, Eldred, U.S. Army
Lewis Eckhart, Barryville, U.S. Army
Charles Eldridge, Eldred, U.S. Army
William ‘Bill’ Eldridge, Eldred, U.S. Army
Peter C. Elvin, Barryville, U.S. Army Air Forces
John Fleiger, Barryville, U.S. Army
Marcel C. Four, Eldred, U.S. Army
Joseph Foscola, Army
Everett Charles Frey, Barryville, U.S. Army Air Forces
Elmer Getz, Barryville, U.S. Army
Edgar F. Getz, Eldred, U.S. Army Air Forces
Ella Getz served as a nurse in Italy
Anthony J. Goetke, Eldred, U.S. Army
Eugene W. Gilmore Jr., Highland Lake, U.S. Army
Bennett Greig Grotecloss, Eldred, U.S. Merchant Marine
Edward Greig Grotecloss, Eldred, U.S. Army
Robert Greig Grotecloss, Eldred, U.S. Army
Harry George Haas, Eldred, U.S. Navy
Maurice Haas, Eldred, U.S. Army
Richard Haas, U.S. Army
Eugene Oliver Hallock, Eldred, U.S. Army Air Forces
Robert Clinton Hallock, Eldred, U.S. Navy
Frank Hill, Eldred, U.S. Army
Leroy ‘Zip’ Horton, Eldred, U.S. Army
Clifford Hulse, Barryville, U.S. Navy
Dewey Hulse, Eldred, U.S. Army
Raymond ‘Ray’ Hulse, Eldred, U.S. Navy
Thornton F. Jackson, Eldred, U.S. Navy
Adolph Kalin Army
Fritz H. Kayser, Eldred
Kenneth F. Kelly, Barryville, U.S. Army
John ‘Jack’ Kerr, Barryville, U.S. Navy
Kaska Kirby, Yulan
Klendin G. Kirby, Yulan, U.S. Army
Henry H. Koch, U.S. Army
William E. Koehler, Barryville, U.S. Army
Helen C. Kuen, Eldred, U.S. Army
Arthur R. Lambert, Eldred, U.S. Army
Jay Lass, Barryville, U.S. Army
James Roberts Leavenworth, Eldred, U.S. Army Air Forces
Sylvan S. Liebla, Barryville, U.S. Navy
John V. Liefert, Barryville, U.S. Army
Evelin MacIntyre, Livingston, Eldred,
Russell William MacKechnie, Highland Lake
William McBride, Eldred, U.S. Army
William T. McCaffrey, Pond Eddy, U.S. Navy
Joseph McDonald, Yulan, U.S. Navy
Fred Meyer, Highland Lake, U.S. Army
Joseph P. Meyer, Eldred, U.S. Army
Raymond C. Meyer, Highland Lake, U.S. Army
John Meyers, Eldred, U.S. Navy
Arthur W. Miller, Barryville, U.S. Navy
Frederick Miller, Barryville, U.S. Army
Harold Morgan, Eldred, U.S. Navy
Raymond Morgan, Eldred, U.S. Army
Charles ‘Chuck’ Myers, Eldred, U.S. Army
Martin Myers, Eldred, U.S. Navy
Norman Myers, Eldred, U.S. Army
Thomas E. Myers, Eldred, U.S. Navy
William B. Nieke,Barryville, U.S. Army
Maurice J. Nugent, Barryville, U.S. Navy
James J. O’Connor, Eldred, U.S. Marine Corps
Francis ‘Mack’ O’Donnel, Highland Lake, U.S. Army
Robert E. O’Neill, Barryville, NY U.S. Navy
John Ort, Eldred, U.S. Army
Milton Davis Ort, Eldred, U.S. Army [killed]
William Ort Jr, Eldred, U.S. Army
Chester ‘Chet’ D. Oset, Yulan, U.S. Navy
Joseph Oset, Yulan, U.S. Navy [killed?]
Stanley Oset, Yulan, U.S. Navy
Walter Anthony Oset, Yulan, U.S. Navy
Richard Earl Palmer, Barryville, U.S. Navy
Andrew Parker, Eldred, U.S. Navy
Howard Parker, Eldred, U.S. Navy
John H. Parker, Barryville, U.S. Army
Warren Parker, Eldred, U.S. Army
William Parker, Eldred, U.S. Navy
Edmund Pepper, Barryville, U.S. Army
Thaddeus Zigmund Puchyr,Barryville, U.S. Navy
Edward Purcell, Barryville, U.S. Army Air Forces
James Purcell, Barryville, U.S. Army Air Forces
John Purcell Army
Richard ‘Dick’ Putnam, Barryville, U.S. Army
Thadeus ‘Ted’ Puycher, Barryville, U.S. Navy
Rowland ‘Deac’ Ramsey, Eldred, U.S. Army
Frederick W. Reuther, Eldred, U.S. Army
Eugene Roberts, Yulan, U.S. Army
Harvey G. Robinson, Barryville, U.S. Army
Lawrence H. Ross,Barryville, U.S. Coast Guard
John A. Rothacker, Barryville, U.S. Army
Carl Seitz, Yulan, U.S. Navy
Burton Grant Sergeant, Eldred, U.S. Army
Charles Albert Sharkey, Barryville, U.S. Navy
James Smith, Barryville, U.S. Navy
George L. Stolte, Eldred, U.S. Army
Frank Strenglein, Eldred, U.S. Army
Harry Strenglein, Eldred, U.S. Army
Clifford Sulzbach, Eldred, U.S. Army Air Force
Rudolph H. Tessmer, Barryville, U.S. Army
Ernest Timerhoff, Eldred, U.S. Army
Edward W. Toaspern, Barryville, U.S. Navy
Walter ‘Bub’ Toaspern, Barryville, U.S. Navy
John Traver, Barryville, U.S. Navy
William Turash, Town of Highland, U.S.Army
Harry L. Tuthill, Barryville, U.S. Army
Howard Alfred Van Tuyl, Lumberland, U.S. Marine Corps
Theodore Vitanza, Barryville, U.S. Navy
Cecil Vollmer, Minisink Ford, U.S. Army
Archie Von Ohlen, Eldred, U.S. Army
Donald ‘Sparky’ Walter, Yulan, U.S. Army
Archie Warden, Yulan, U.S. Army
John ‘Ian’ Warden, Barryville, U.S. Army
Calvina E. Weigele, Barryville, NY
William J. Werneke, Yulan, U.S. Army
Gordon ‘Mick’ White, Eldred, NY U.S. Army
Al Whitney Highland Lake, NY U.S. Army
Charles Williams Barryville, U.S. Navy
Francis Williams Barryville, U.S. Army (Married Viola Hazen)
John D. Williams arryville, U.S. Army
Jack Williams Eldred, U.S. Army
Forrest ‘Pat’ Wilson, Eldred, U.S. Army
Robert G. Wilson Eldred, U.S. Army Air Force
Raymond Wolff, Eldred, U.S. Navy
Robert C. Wolff, Barryville, U.S. Army
Lawrence ‘Larry’ Wood, Yulan, U.S. Army
Irving Worzel, Barryville, U.S. Merchant Marine
Frank Yutz, Eldred, U.S. Navy
Paul G. Zimmermann, Eldred, U.S. Navy

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  1. Alice Aber says:

    Hi Louise, John H. Parker is John Henry, not Harvey. He did have a younger brother Harvey who was in fact an Army career man. I am unsure of when he entered the Army but he retired in 1962. I’ll have to check on the date he went in and let you know. Harvey was very good friends with the Bosch family.

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