Dear Soldier Boy, April 1917

McKinley Austin at his aunt Aida Austin’s house, 1917. Photo courtesy of Mary A.

My Tuesdays are meatless
My Wednesdays are wheatless
I am getting more eatless each day.
My house is heatless
My bed is sheetless
They’ve all been sent to the Y.M.C.A..
The bar rooms are treatless
My coffee is sweetless,
Each day I get poorer and wiser
My stockings are feetless
My trousers are seatless
Oh how I do hate the Kaiser.

Quite a poem, is it not?

Well let’s hope that there will soon be an end to this awful war.
—Your friend, Ruth Colville.

In 1917 McKinley (Mac) Austin (my dad’s oldest brother) enlisted in the Army for WWI. Raymond Austin would also enlist.

Ruth Colville who lived in Barryville at the time, was one of McKinley’s friends who wrote to him.

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