WWI Stamps and Certificates

1918 U.S. Thrift Card in the collection of Mary A.
1918 inside of the U.S. Thrift Card in the collection of Mary A.

War Saving Stamps and Certificates were provided for in the bond act of September 24, 1917, and put in operation December 3, 1918.

Thrift stamps cost 25 cents each, but did not accrue interest. Sixteen thrift stamps on a thrift card could be exchanged for a war-savings stamp.

The war-savings stamps were to be affixed to certificates containing spaces for 20 stamps.

It had a face value of $100, if dated January 2, 1918. It matured January 1, 1923, when the Govern-ment said it would redeem it for $100.

If the 20 spaces were filled during December 1917, or January 1918, the cost was $4.12 for each stamp, or $82.40 for the full certificate.

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