Red Cross Tireless Workers, WWI

Red Cross Poster from WWI showing a Red Cross nurse attending an injured man and his family. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division: Chromolithograph; LC-USZC4-7707.

The women of our local Red Cross are working most industriously for it as will be seen by the following report of the shipments this week:

Box 19, monthly allotment of 25 hot water bottle covers, value $5. Box 20, 60 sweaters, 20 mufflers, 15 helmets, 115 pairs wristlets, and 80 pairs socks all hand knitted, value $490. The 80 pairs of socks alone show how busy the women are. The numerous auxiliaries are doing their share of this.

The Eldred Auxiliary has just raised $100 from a supper and contribution besides increasing their membership and sewing and knitting steadily. They have a subscription for the Red Cross Magazine for their Sunshine Hall Free Library.—Republican Watchman, Monticello, N.Y.

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