1940 Unknown Boarding House Owners

Once again I could use some ID help with the following folks who were listed in the 1940 Census as having a boarding house. Thank you.

Karl Angerstein, 59, widower owned a boarding house.

Gus and Frieda Dasener ran a boarding house on Minisink Ford-Barryville Road.

Mimie Rupp, 63, widowed, ran a boarding house also on Minisink Ford-Barryville Road.

Walter and Barbara Kramer, also on on Minisink Ford-Barryville Road.

Bertha Sullivan, summer and hunting season lodgers.

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4 Responses to 1940 Unknown Boarding House Owners

  1. Scotty Greenberger says:

    I knew Karl when I worked at Woodland Cottages in 1954. He was in his 70’s and was the handyman there.

    He did live on Corkscrew Road as I had gone to his house when he needed to get some tools. He drove a black 1940 Plymouth which he probably had for a long time.

    He was a very patient man and had me work with him at times. I remember him showing me how to mix cement as we fixed the steps going down to the pool.

  2. Kathleen Hahn-Cutrone says:

    Angerstein’s house was on Corkscrew Road. My great aunt had a house along his driveway up the hill. The driveway to his home is now private and was recently up for sale from a more recent owner. It was a bed and breakfast but never took off.

    My great aunt also worked at the Maple Grove Farm back in the day which was located just down the road. Her name was Kathe Downing.

  3. dennis says:

    Angersteins lived at 38 Corkscrew Rd. in Barryville. It is now the Mt. Pleasant House.

  4. Joan P. says:

    I knew Karl Angerstein when he was an older retiree. He was working part time for Herman and Mathilde Protz at Woodland Cottages in the early 1950s. Not sure where his former boarding house was, possibly somewhere on the Barryville/Yulan Road (closer to Barryville), but again, unsure.

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