Chapter 5: The Mill on Blind Pond Brook

Between Beaver Brook Mills and Halfway Brook Village, was Blind Pond, which had a brook of the same name. A mile or so southeast of Blind Pond was a sawmill powered by Blind Pond Brook.

Blind Pond Brook. Photo courtesy of my cousin Cynthia.

Stonewalls where the old mill used to stand. Photos courtesy of Cynthia.

The Posts that at one time were vertical. Photo courtesy of my cousin Cynthia.

    A sluice was created utilizing the large vertical posts placed
    vertically in the brook. Horizonal boards would be raised or
    lowered against the posts. In this way the flow of water to the
    waterwheel could be regulated.

Visible from the sawmill was a bunkhouse built by a lumber company
(perhaps the nearby St. John-Dodge operation), as living quarters for
the lumberjacks that worked for them.

View from Blind Pond Brook near where the old sawmill was. The
bunkhouse most likely was to the left of the house. Photo courtesy
of my cousin Cynthia.

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