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I am hoping to have the whole manuscript (with well over 1,000 photos) for Book 3: “Farewell to Eldred,” 1920–1950, ready for Gary within a couple weeks. Typically it takes another 2 months before the book is ready to go to press.

Each chapter usually includes World, National, and Local News. Most chapters have information on the Boarding House Ads for the corresponding year. I thought my Halfway Brook readers might be interested in the chapter titles.

Chapter 1: Most Pleasant Time of All, 1920
Introduction to the people, the area, and the Boarding Houses.

Chapter 2: The First Real Sorrow, 1921–1924
The year 1921 was a sad year for the Austins. It was a time of sorrow for some other families as well.

Chapter 3: A Fortunate Occurrence, 1925–1926
Eldred Central was built, making it possible for my dad to go to High School.

Chapter 4: Lights, Toasters, Radios, 1927–1929
Electricity arrives at the Garfield Leavenworth residence.

Chapter 5: Better Life in the Country, 1929
This chapter features the Boarding Houses in 1929.

Chapter 6: The Foot of the Class, 1930–1933
This chapter starts out with my dad’s graduation from high school. It is the start of Ella Leavenworth’s daily diaries that mention many of the folks who lived in the Town of Highland. “The Still” story is part of this chapter.

Chapter 7: The Breezy Westerner, 1934–1936
The arrival of the Methodist Minister and his family.

Chapter 8: Prosperity Dampened, 1937–1939
The death of my grandfather Austin and the daily life of the townsfolk told through Ella’s Diaries.

Chapter 9: Newspapers and Oatmeal, 1940–1941
Aida Austin and her brother Lon Austin are featured in this chapter. It includes Aida’s Diary as well as Ella’s.

Chapter 10: Human Nature Observed, 1942
World War II begins.

Chapter 11: Correspondence, 1943–1944
The war years in the Town of Highland as told through diaries and letters.

Chapter 12: “I Do,” 1945–1946
The ending of WWII and some of the weddings which took place.

Chapter 13: The Old Homestead, 1947–1950
Lon Austin reminisces about the home where he grew up.

Chapter 14: An Epilogue of Sorts


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    It is so exciting, I can’t wait to get it.

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