November 1932

Art Austin in front of the Eldred Post Office 1934 or 1935 when he worked for Emily Stevens, the Postmaster.

Garfield was still helping his father-in-law Frank Sergeant with his wood at the beginning of November. Clinton went hunting.

At the end of the first week, there was a half-inch of ice on the pails in the entry way. Ella put the carrots in the cellar. She paid the October electric bill of $3.74.

Clinton voted for the first time on November 8, election day.

Franklin Roosevelt was elected President by a large majority. Because the Democrats were now in the majority, the Postmaster would change when Roosevelt was inaugurated.

Emily Parker Stevens would be the Eldred Postmaster again.

Friday Ella bought 20 bushels of potatoes from the A&P at 49 cents a bushel. Saturday Ella started crocheting a rug for Jim’s bedroom. Jim, Clinton, and Bill Meyers went to the pictures.

Sunday, November 20, Laura Avery and her children visited with the Leavenworths. Anna went for a walk with Laura.

Tuesday Ella sold five turkeys and four chickens to Claude Angell, the butcher, for $17.48.

Wednesday Anna and Clara went to town and got a bowl from Henry Von Ohlen for 49 cents. Thursday Clinton had to work so the Leavenworths had their Thanksgiving dinner at night.

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