NY 97 Opened August 30, 1939

NY Route 97 was officially completed from Port Jervis to Hancock on August 30, 1939. Hawk’s Nest photo taken by Mr. Krause, courtesy of Kevin Marrinan.

August 30, 1939, N.Y. Route 97 from Port Jervis to Hancock, was officially opened.

Several events were held to mark the road’s opening, including a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Port Jervis featuring the mayors of Port Jervis and Hancock and a motorcade procession that traveled the length of the highway.

In all, it cost $4 million (equivalent to $66.8 million in 2012) to build N.Y. 97. The portion through the Hawk’s Nest cost $2 million (equivalent to $33.4 million in 2012) to construct.—wikipedia.org.

September 1939
Germany invaded Poland on Friday, September 1. The world would soon be at war.

“Fighting in Europe. Germans and Polish so far,” Ella wrote on Saturday.

Sunday Clara and Ella took care of Jimmy so Anna and Bill could help Lottie Meyers with her boarding house.

Monday Lee and Garfield ran more cement in the barn.

Thursday the groceries were delivered from Al Randolph’s Royal Scarlet.

Friday Ella wrote, “Babies both have teeth.”

“War still on between Germany, England, etc.,” Ella penned on Saturday.

In his Fireside Radio Chat Sunday, September 9, President Roosevelt said he fervently hoped the country could stay out of the war.

Wednesday, September 13, Jennie Austin called. Garfield started cement for the new barn floor.

Friday afternoon Jennie was in to visit Ella again.

Saturday Jim Leavenworth worked. He paid his mom $5 board for two weeks.

“Cows in the new cement barn for first tonight. They are in out of the rain,” Ella wrote on Tuesday, September 19.

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  1. Mary Austin says:

    When we first moved to Barryville and would go through the Hawk’s Nest Road, my mother said the signs said, “Watch out for Falling Rocks.”

    People were afraid to drive on it. After a while, the signs said,”Watch for Fallen rocks!” She thought that was funny.

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