1850 Lumberland Census

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This list mainly includes the heads of families, so the wives and children are usually not listed. Also some names were hard to discern, so in some cases were not included. The folks were born in New York, unless otherwise noted.

J.P. Sanders, 30, farmer
W. Machin, 29, farmer
Geo Clark 27, farmer
C. Laurence, 27, Teamster
M. Macley, 26, sawyer?, Germany
B. Stanton, 42, teamster
A. Dunning, 40, farmer
Geo Dickinson, 23, Sawyer
J.W. Sacket, 47, millwright
A. White, 66, farmer
Stephen D. Myers, 8
H. Hunt, 40, farmer
D.C. Ayers, 36, Farmer
J. Wood, 24, laborer
Jon Gray, 39, farmer
J. Sprague, 20 lumberman
Geo. Seamen, 35, Lumberman, PA
Wm. Myers, 42, lumberman
D.W. Hartwell, 38, farmer
T. Pay, 55, farmer, England
D. Clark, 30, laborer, N. Jersey
M.J. Russell, 19
D. Wells, 39, farmer
Wm. Wells, 63, farmer
E. Wells, 29, farmer
H. Henrickson, 27, farmer
Geo. McLaughlin, 48, farmer
L. Scofield, 44, farmer, CT
C. McBride, 38, basket maker
D. Boyd, 54, waggonmaker, Scotland
C.L. Woodward?, 42, farmer,
T.H.F. Litz?, 30 farmer, Germany
M. McMahan, 20, Ireland
J. Weary, 35, farmer, England
G.D. Carpenter, 42, farmer
L. Rundal, 38, farmer
M. Adams, 48, New Jersey
A.C. Palmer, farmer
D. Horton, 50, farmer
I. Frislabend, 44, farmer, Germany
W. Frislabend, 75, farmer, Germany
H. Heastun, 32, farmer, Germany
C. Morris, 33, PA
J. Labarr, 55, PA
Wm. McDawel, 39, farmer
G. Hoyt, 54, lumberman
N. Barnes, 22, farmer
E. Cox, 45, laborer
S. Cary, 34, farmer
D. Ennis, 17, blacksmith, PA
J. McGowen, 43, lumberman, N. Jersey
L.R. Garner, 40, farmer
M. Garner, 75, N. Jersey
E. Perkins, 21, surgeon?
Wm. Simmons, 30, lumberman
J. Hober, 30, Germany
W. Mapes, 36, farmer
Jacob Thorne, 22, lumberman
A. Thorne, 27, farmer
B. Cavy?, 25, farmer
Theo? Comfort, 54; Mary Comfort, 50
Children: Emeline, Mary, Sarah Comfort
John Hulse, 32, farmer
John W. Black, 27, farmer
Jacob Thorn, 52, farmer
Saml Sprague, 26, farmer
Wm. Watson, 25, laborer, PA
Lyman H. Bingham, 32, farmer, VT
Geo. Cory, 28?, farmer
Jabez Fox, 46, farmer, MA
Charles Oser, 23, Farmer, Germany
John Tridestine?, 30, farmer, Germany
James Hawkins, 26, farmer
Smith Terwilegar, 19, farmer
Oliver Decker, 64, PA
Johnathan Hawkes, 65, farmer, Maine
Isaac Daily, 27
Ira Smith, 44, farmer; Caroline, 42,
Smith children: Alex?, 15, Sarah?, 13, Charles, 9.
James Williams, 46
Geo. Quick, 43, farmer
Margaret Williams, 70
Elisha Braffit, 22, lumberman
Elisha Tyler, 45, farmer
Tunis? Dawd, 36, taylor, Ireland
John Hendricks, 50, farmer
James Hulse? 28, laborer
Mary McClaring, 9
L. Daily, 30 lumberman
John Elmore, 34, farmer
Joel Elmore, 45, farmer
Wm. Hough, 50, farmer
David Slater, 42, Pedler, CT.
Andrew Smith, 32, farmer, Germany, Mary 30, Margaret 5, John, 3, Nancy and Joseph 2 months.
Michael Stohal, 32, shoemaker, Germany
Wm. Mapes, 40, farmer
Willis Lindly, 49, laborer
Gilbert Mapes, 29, farmer
Peter Snyder, 58, farmer, Germany
Adolphus Newman, 30 farmer, Germany
Bridget O’Connor, 26, Ireland
Jacob Hofey?, 60, farmer, Germany
John Ohlson, 53, farmer, Germany
Henry Halpretor?, 34, tanner, Germany
Henry Miller, 24, farmer, Germany
Geo Swartz, 44, Innkeeper, France
Clara Field, 52, Inn keeper
James Brady, 40, gardener, Ireland
Lewis Chamberlain, 25, Bartender, PA
Martin Ashley, 25, bartender
George Bullard, 25, Hostler
Ann Mulligan, 35, Ireland
Mary Burns, 30, Ireland
Mary Hughs, 25, Ireland
Mary Wells, 25, France
Catharine Elmore, 22
Lee Dudley, 25, stage agent, PA
Leonard Dudley, 22, Stage driver, PA
Charles Stanley, 25, clerk, England
Thomas Welsh 25, laborer, Ireland

C.C. Murry, 36 Merchant
Nathan Lenham, 21, clerk, Germany
Jacob Bevins, 18, clerk
Martin Halbitter, 21, Laborer, Germany
Margaret Johanan, 25, PA
Richard Corwin, 59, farmer
Michael Snyder, 22, Germany
Elisha Green, 59, grocer
John Fitzgerald, 32, laborer, Ireland
Elijah Barnes, 33, Grocer, PA
This Barnes, 20, lumberman, PA
Barney McConnell, 40, laborer
Willard Searles, 20, carpenter
Phinneas Searles, 21, tailor
Hiram Knapp, 43, shoemaker
John Rogers, 44, shoemaker
Wm. Johnson, 37, laborer, NJ
Jacob Asherton, 56, blacksmith, PA
Asa Simmons, 30, laborer, MA
Edward Watson, 40, carpenter, PA
Josiah Stage, 32, blacksmith
Joseph Bivens, 19, blacksmith
Ranson LaBar, 20
Cogswell Gordon, 31, carpenter
John Van ?, 28, carpenter
Benj. Lawson, 82
John Hughs, 32, Merchant, NJ
V.? Seely, 44, shoemaker
Banj. Davenport, 49, blacksmith
Bernard Bertrand, 58, farmer, Germany
Hendricks, 36, farmer
Caleb Dunn, 35, farmer
John Skinner, 48, lumberman, PA
Nehemiah Gales, 40, farmer
Wm. Dexter, 50, farmer
Wm. Singer, 57, farmer, Germany
Solumon Daily, 60, farmer
Elisha Daily, 52, farmer
John Comfort, 25, laborer
Oliver Tuttle, 35, laborer, PA
John Tuttle, 25, farmer
Henry Bross, 44
Danl Hulse, 22, lumberman
Saml Hankins, 53, farmer, NJ
J.C. Stickney, 54, clerk
Oliver Decker, 22, teamster
Absalom Osterhout, 40, laborer
Wm. Hawks, 38, PA
M.M. Everets, 48, Clergyman, MA
Elinus Hill, 37, carpenter
Sylvester Mapes, 33, farmer
T.A. Tyler, 28, merchant
Wm. VanSchaack, 47, farmer, NJ
John Bodine, 50, Miller, NJ; Jane, 37, Anna, 17, Vincent, 7, Henry, 5, Catharine, 4, Mary 1
Henry Hoffman, 72, farmer
Aaron Hoffman, 32, shoemaker
Benn. Wien, 49, farmer
James More, 40, laborer, Ireland

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2 Responses to 1850 Lumberland Census

  1. Suzanne says:

    I am not sure if we already discussed this through email but thought that I should answer this.

    Mary Ella Paye (w/o Henry Glidden Webb) was definitely from the Highland Paye family. (They used Pay until about the 1880’s)

    Mary Ella was the daughter of John Paye and Easter Glover.

    John Paye was the son of William Pay and Esther Kewley.

    John Paye was the brother of my Charles Wesley Paye (Mary Ella’s uncle)

    -I hope that this info helps. :)

    Louise: Yes, thank you so much.

  2. s. adams says:

    My family was left out of the book.
    • These censuses that I am reading on this site have my Thomas Pay (1840), T. Pay (1850) but aren’t in the book.

    • Also, my GGG’ma, Esther Pay, along w/Mary Myers, helped deliver Samuel C. Myers and Letitia’s son Charles.

    • My GG’pa’s name is on the map (page 239) “C.W. Paye.” Do you know of anywhere that I can find more info on my ancestors who lived in Sullivan Co. ?


    Paye is one of the families I have tried to find information on without much success. (There was a Payne family, but this seems to be different than the Payes.)

    Early on when writing my Halfway Brook books, I decided to include the lines of the future spouses of my dad’s aunt, uncles, cousins, and brother.

    Even with all the information I had for the first book, there were still holes in what I knew (and one aunt I still have not been able to locate), and people who I found after book one was published, and included in the second book.

    Also, I did not include all the information I did have—because of length (everyone in each census) and sometimes because I wasn’t sure about the accuracy of the information.

    Since hindsight is so much better, now that I have completed the series, I know more what I might have included, but then the books may still not be completed. And much of the information and photos for books two and three snowballed after “The Mill on Halfway Brook” came out.

    I have a Mary Ellen Paye, wife of Henry Glidden Webb in my family program. Henry G. Webb married Mary Ella in Matteawan, NY, so I am not sure if she was descended from the Paye family in the town of Highland, NY.

    Henry Webb’s grandmother was Jane VanPelt Webb Myers and possibly grew up in the town of Highland. He was there at least in 1881.

    Thank you so much for your comment.


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