1962 View from Gas Station Window

View from the side window of Mr. Brodmerkel’s Texaco station, around 1962. © JMEYER PHOTOGRAPHY (USED BY PERMISSION).
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  1. Scotty Greenberger says:

    Are there any more pictures of Brodmerkel’s garage as I would love to see them? Scotty

  2. Scotty Greenberger says:

    I was working at Brodmerkel’s Garage from 1959–1964 during the summers and school breaks while attending college.

    Working for Willie Brodmerkel was really great as he taught me much about being an auto mechanic. He was the mechanics mechanic as other mechanics in the area who could not solve an automotive problem would call him for advice.

    The building was cavernous, had no insulation and was only heated by a large pot belly stove in the far left corner of the building.

    During the winter the roof leaked and the water would freeze when it hit the floor. At the garage we serviced the school buses, a limousine company from NYC, all of the local camp vehicles and of course the summer hotel guests cars. Of course the local people brought their cars and trucks there too.

    On the north and south side of the garage building there was a junk yard with many old cars as the picture shows. In the back was a huge pile of thousands of motor oil one quart cans. As we did a lot of oil changes we would throw the empty cans out of the window.

    One time there was a flood in the stream behind the building and the cans disappeared and then a new pile started. We sold Texaco gas (regular was 32 1/2 cents and high test was 37 cents).

    I had great fun and learned a lot about life from William Brodmerkel who was as fine and honest a man as you could ever find.

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