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  1. Walter hauff says:

    John Traver barber gave me my haircuts during summers in the 50s. John also was a gunsmith.

    Wally Hauff

  2. Robin McMahon says:

    I was recently doing some genealogical research and came across this picture of John Traver on your website. John was my great-uncle (his wife, Pearl was my grandfather’s sister). I grew up in Rhode Island and didn’t get to see Uncle John and Aunt Pearl often, but I do have fond memories of the visits we did have. Thanks for publishing this photo!

  3. John Travers was a well known figure in Barryville; his barber shop a popular place for many.

    Yes, I too remember the beach area in front of his shop where swimming in the river was a special treat.

    John also had a high water mark on a wall of the shop, a reminder of the 1955 flood waters that reached well beyond the river banks all the way up to Rt.97.

  4. Rolf Beckhusen says:

    John Traver Sr. was a true treasure to the Barryville area community. He was my barber until I graduated from high school in 1962.

    A couple of times while I was waiting my turn in his shop he changed hats from the town barber to the town justice. He would sit in his chair, place a portable desk across his lap, and take a plea or hear a motion relating to the fate of some accused citizen. After a few minutes he would adjourn and become the barber again.

    John also owned property across River Road which he regularly maintained as a swimming beach on the Delaware for the public to use without charge. He was also the moving force behind the effort to restore the old and neglected Congregational Church in Barryville.

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