Old Roebling Bridge Photos 2

Looking downstream at the NY shore. The Delaware Aqueduct, Spanning the Delaware River. Jack E. Boucher creator; LOC: HAER PA, 52-LACK

When Rolf B. asked if I knew what years the Old Roebling Bridge Photos were taken, I went in search of an answer.

I did not find the date any of the photos were taken. But I did find five photos I didn’t have on the Library of Congress site, three of which I have posted here. I assume if the photo shows a bridge, it was taken after 1898 when the last boat moved over the aqueduct. The photos were listed as “the Delaware Aqueduct,” but they look like the structure was a bridge when the photos were taken.

As usual, for a larger image, click on the photos.

Delaware and Hudson Canal, Delaware Aqueduct Spanning Delaware River, Lackawaxen, PA. LOC: HAER PA, 52-LACK, 1-5.
Delaware and Hudson Canal, Delaware Aqueduct, Spanning Delaware River, Lackawaxen, PA. LOC: HAER PA, 52-LACK,1-4.
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  1. kathy kinsey says:

    Was surprised to see this. The other day when I had that reference question it was a Masters student in history that is studying the legislative details regarding the Roebling Bridge here that spans the Ohio River between Covington and Cincinnati! 1849 -1850.

    It seems Ohio did not want to issue a charter for this—the problem was the smoke stacks on the boats traveling down the Ohio were too tall and there was disagreement between which streets on the Ohio and Kentucky side the bridge would connect to!

    Roebling was a German American and Cincinnati has a history of German Americana here.

    Now we just call it the suspension bridge and it handles a majority of the traffic between our two states.

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