Androscoggin Swinging Bridge

Androscoggin Swinging Bridge in Maine.

I have really enjoyed learning about other places and famous people that are connected somehow to Halfway Brook.

HalfwayBrook contributor Joan P. sent me photos her friend took of Maine’s Androscoggin Swinging Bridge because of the tie in with the Roebling Bridge photos I have posted.

The Bridge crosses the Androscoggin River and was constructed by John A. Roebling’s Sons Company in 1892 for mill workers walking from the Topsham neighborhood to the Cabot Mill in Brunswick.

Roebling’s three sons, Washington, Ferdinand and Charles, built their father’s company into the world’s leading producer of wire rope, with four factories and nearly 8,000 employees at its peak…

Androscoggin Swinging Bridge in Maine.
View of Androscoggin Swinging Bridge in Maine.
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  1. Marie M. says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed these pictures. We happened to be driving through Brunswick, ME and saw a parking lot along the river. After spending about 2 hours on a lovely fall late afternoon walking across the bridge, walking along the river and taking many, many pictures we proceeded back across the bridge to the parking lot. It wasn’t until then that we read the monuments that were in the gardens stating the bridge was built by Roeblings Company. I think the top picture was my favorite of all of them that I took.

    Marie, thank you so much for giving the background to when and how you happened to take these photos. And thank you so much for sharing them for this site. Louise

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