January 1940

“Mr. Briggs stopped by on Tuesday.” Irwin Briggs (not in January!).

January 1940
Garfield and Ella Leavenworth started 1940 off with all of their family (minus Stella who was perhaps not feeling well) in at some point. Lee and Clara enjoyed a goose dinner with them. Grandson Jimmy and his dad Bill Meyers Jr. visited. Garfield’s sister Anna Leavenworth called from East Islip.

Tuesday, January 2, Lee started digging the well for his and Clara’s new home. While Lee worked on the well, Clara and Ella sometimes crocheted. Mid-month Garfield helped with digging Lee’s well. Garfield also worked on his own well.

Wednesday, January 17, Lottie Meyers and Oliver Dunlap called on the Leavenworths. The next day Lee and Goldie did icing for Walter Tether. The following Tuesday Anna and Jimmy stopped by to see Ella, Clara, and Didrik. Lee and Garfield were still digging on the well.

Jim often visited the Clark brothers, Orville and Vernon. Sometimes they went ice fishing on nearby Montgomery Lake.

Saturday, January 27, the Leavenworth menfolk all helped to stone up Garfield’s well.

Sunday Goldie and Lee drew wood for Goldie’s aunt Charlotte Leavenworth.

Mr. Briggs stopped by on Tuesday, the same day that Lee and Garfield each had five teeth pulled by a dentist in Hawley. Bill, Anna, baby Jimmy, and Ella went to Monticello. Goldie worked for Harry Wormuth.

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  1. Richard E. James says:

    ….and also on Sunday the 28th at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, Richard Edward James, great-great-grandson of Mary Murray Parker Schoonover, former Eldred resident, was born!

    Thanks Richard! That’s right!!! Thanks for adding the information.—Louise

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