Arrival in Halfway Brook

Since the story of my Austin/Leavenworth ancestors, took place in the same location for almost 140 years, I began searching to find out the arrival of each family. The following timeline (give or take a couple years in some instances) seems to be correct.

Note: If you are wondering about your ancestors and they were in the area by 1855, check the New York State Census for that year. Halfway Brook Village was in the town of Highland by 1855, so that was where I found quite a bit of info.

Asa and Esther Hinman Hickok and family, including Hannah Hickok, who would be the second wife of James Eldred, as Polly died young. Hannah was my great great grandmother.

James and Polly Mulford Eldred and five children and probably James’s mother (my triple great grandmother) Mary Hulse Eldred Forgeson.

Sherman Buckley and Charlotte Ingram Leavenworth (possibly earlier). This is a longer story that you can read about in the book.

Ralph and Fanny Knapp Austin and my great grandfather, William Henry.

Martin D. and Jane Ann Van Pelt Myers. Possibly my great great great grandmother, Elizabeth Lazerlier Van Pelt.

Irwin and Myrtle Crabtree Briggs and family.

The arrival of my Crabtree/Briggs grandparents is interesting to me, as they in essence moved back to the same area their ancestors had lived years earlier.

Grandpa Irwin Briggs’s ancestors were 200 miles away in Tell, PA, in 1811 and even closer in the early 1700s. The family moved to Indiana, then Nebraska.

Grandma Myrtie’s ancestors were living in New York in the 1700s. In 1811, the Crabb/Crabtree family was living in New Brunswick, as they were Loyalists and moved for their safety. (My Austin family were also Loyalists, but did not leave the country as far as I know.)

The Crabtree ancestors moved to the Chicago area, and then Nebraska (also Iowa for a few years).

In 1925, Irwin Briggs, his wife Myrtie Crabtree and daughters (including my 3 week old mother), travelled back east to the NY/NJ area. In 1935, they moved to Barryville.

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